Brahma - The Creator

Lord Brahma (ब्रह्मा) – The Satvic - The Saintly

Lord Brahma, the infinite, is the source of all space, time, causation, names and forms.

Theologically, he is the single letter (eka aksharam) AUM, and the uncreated creator (svayambhu), the self-born first person.
Philosophically, he is the first manifestation of one's existence (ahankara).
Cosmologically, he is hiranya garbha (golden embryo), the ball of fire, from which the universe develops. He is Prajapati, since all creatures are his progeny. He is: 

Pitamaha - patriarch
Vidhi - ordinator
Lokesha - master of the universe
Dhatru - sustainer
Viswakarma - architect of the world

Mythologically, Brahma springs from Kamala (lotus), from the nabhi (navel) of Vishnu. His consort Saraswati manifested out of him and all creatures of the world resulted from their union. 

Origin of Brahma

Brahma manifested to dispel the darkness enveloping universe. He created water and deposited a seed that became a golden egg. He divided the egg into two parts to construct the heaven and earth, and created the tenPrajapatis, mind-born sons, who completed the work of creation.

Representations of Brahma

Brahma's icon has four heads (chatur mukha brahma) representing the:

  • Four Vedas - (Rig, Yajur, Sama, Atharva) - knowledge
  • Four Yugas - (krita, treta, dwapara, kali) - epochs of time
  • Four Varnas - (brahmana, kshatriya, vaisya, sudra) - working class

The four arms holding up different objects

  • Akshamala (rosary) - denoting time
  • Kurcha (kusha grass), sruk (ladle), sruva (spoon) - denoting systems of sacrifice
  • Kamandala (water pot) - denoting water and
  • Pustaka (book) - denoting knowledge

Hand postures (mudras) are protector (abhaya) and giver of boons (varada).

Brahma also rides a chariot drawn by seven swans - representing the seven worlds. 

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